The truth hurts

I just wanted you to burn my bridges down. I gave you all the chances. Since I was little, I’ve been trying to let to burn the cold between us. Still, nothing changes.
Maybe, we shouldn’t be counting dollars, but stars. And look, how many stars there are in the sky! Every time I look at them, I remember of you. I remember what we could have been. The time we could have spent together. The hugs you didn’t gave me and that I wanted so bad.
Now, I got my ticket to the long way ride, and, will you miss me when I’m gone? I miss you, you know? I miss being part of your life. I miss having your photo on my wall.
But, apparently, you don’t miss me. You don’t miss playing games with me. It’s not jealous, but how can you play with somebody else and don’t remember of me in any time?
That hits me like “oh, oh no”. We’ve made into the storm. But I’m still in the eye of the hurricane. My emotions are still here, you know that? I think you do. Here comes the sun, and I still think about you as I did a few years ago.
I dream about the time that talking to you won’t hurt anymore. The time that I’ll be able to see you without falling into tears the minute after.
It’s never too late to turn it back around. At least that’s what I hope. I hope that, one day, we’ll be like real father and daughter.

(This song was made while I was listening to One Republic Counting Stars and Burning Bridges, Anna Kendrick Cups, Bridget Mendler Hurricane and James Morrison Up)


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