It’s dark now. And, apparently, the dark reminds me of you. Reminds me of what it’s in the past. And that the past can’t be just erased. Doesn’t matter how long the time pass.
But the time has pass. It’s a fact. Can’t you see? I’m another person now. Things have changed a lot since the last time we’ve been together. I’m not the same. You’re the only one who doesn’t realize that.
You’re a stranger to me now. I don’t know you the way you think I do. I don’t remember the things you want me to. Well, the ones I know, is because you have showed me. And those, well, the people tell me not to listen to then.
Understand me, please. Not knowing doesn’t mean I don’t care. I lose my sleep thinking of how somebody can pass through the stuff you did. And I suffer for you. Every single time of my day I think about you. About how could I possible make things better for you?
But I had suffer too, you knew that? Did somebody told you that? I’m no saint, but I’m not all bad, too. The dark are still here. And with it, your presence in my mind.
Was there a time that we were close. That we shared good moments. Did that just disappeared?  How about the feeling we had among each other? The things we did together, where did those gone?
Forgiveness. It’s what I am asking for you now. Forgive me. It’s all that I can ask for you at this moment. Would you be able to do that? If not for you, for me, then for all that we’ve lived together. For those who say that you can’t let go. Prove to then that yes, yes you can. Prove to me that you’re better then what people tell me. Better then what I think of you.
I’ll ask again, just to be sure that you are paying attention: forgive me. Please. Let it go. Let me go. I’m sorry. Really, deeply sorry. Forgive me. Before it’s too late.


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