Things are so strange today.

Eu voltar ao trabalho, mas não se tem nada para fazer. Como você deve mostrar o seu trabalho quando não há nada para você trabalha?
As much as I try not to think about him, about what could have happen, I ended up doing it. Thinking. About him, the whole time. Is it too much to ask having somebody in our life that you have the slighted feeling that likes you back? That may be thinking about you, any second of the day, just for a moment. That enjoys being with you, your company, your ridiculous laugh.
I am not calling it love. Not at all, don’t get me wrong. Love is a strong and powerful thing. Notice that I haven’t even said feeling, ‘cause I think love is way more than that. And I am not in love or anything like that. I mean, I hope I’m not, ‘cause love hurts. It had hurt everyone I know.
But I’m certainly hocked. I’m definitely attracted to him. In ways that I know because I had this feeling before. The only difference is that nobody never demonstrate to feel it back for me. Well, apparently he does, at least.
How to know if he really does? How to know how much I should go? Where should I draw the line in our relationship? Could I call it a relationship?

Oh gosh, so many doubts.


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